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How It Works

Viridi Kitchen Bundle

Choose from our selection of home & care bundles on our Bundles page. We also offer individual bottles.

Viridi Delivery

After the initial delivery of your glass bottles and solution you can contact us to schedule a time to refill. We offer contactless delivery.

Why Viridi

We provide our cleaning solutions in glass bottles, as it’s a material that can be recycled an unlimited amount of times, without compromising on its purity or quality. 

After the initial delivery you can call on us to refill your bottles when you choose. We offer contactless delivery when you order!

Refills When You Choose



Currently we only delivery in the Auckland area – central, west and east.

View our Delivery and Refill Area page to find out more.

There are multiple pre-paid options that let you choose the amount of refills you order. The more you purchase, the bigger the discount you get! We’ve decided on a prepaid option as it gives you more freedom to decide when you want your top ups.

You can schedule this by contacting us through or through text (which will be organised soon).

If the bottles are in good condition, we will happily pick your bottles up and repurpose them again. We offer cashback for purchased bottles that are reusable once returned.

Accidents happen, it’s all good! Just wrap the bottle up and put it into your recycling bin, or you can leave it in your basket for us to pick up and we will recycle it for you.

You can purchase new bottles through us or by contacting

We like to cater to all your cleaning needs, to customise your own cleaning kit, view our customise your order page or send an email to

If this is your first Viridi kit, just let us know a safe place to drop it off so it’s waiting for you when you get home. If you wish to change the drop off location, send an email to with the new instructions. 

If you have ordered a refill, just leave your kit in an easy to find spot (like by your front door) and we refill the kit for you.

It’s nice and easy, just check our Refunds Form page or send us an email to with your name.

Simply send an email to, and we will add the extra bottle(s) in your next refill.

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